I’m truly blessed to be bringing the spirit of house & soul music to the masses in some of the great spots around the world. Check out the schedule for upcoming dates. For booking inquiries, please contact

Upcoming shows
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
San Diego, CAGossip Grill04/03/16Map
Boston, MAGood Life01/22/16Map
San Diego, CAGossip Grill01/17/16Map
San Diego, CAQueen Bee12/31/15Map
San Diego, CAGossip Grill12/20/15Map
Hong KongRepulse Bay12/13/15Map
Hong KongDrop12/12/15Map
Hong KongRepulse Bay12/12/15Map
Palm Springs, CAArenas Dance Tent11/07/15Map
Raleigh, North CarolinaMosaic11/06/15Map
TelaIndura Resort08/01/15Map
San Diego, CAGossip Grill07/05/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge07/02/15Map
San Diego, CAGossip Grill06/28/15Map
San Diego, CAEl Camino06/27/15Map
Chicago, ILGrandbar06/26/15Map
MontrealW Montreal06/19/15Map
San Diego, CASpin06/14/15Map
Hollywood, CAKing King06/13/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge06/11/15Map
San Diego, CAWorld Beat Center05/24/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge05/14/15Map
San JoséRapsodia05/08/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge04/30/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge04/09/15Map
Miami, FLKill Your Idol03/29/15Map
Miami, FLHotel Shelley03/29/15Map
Miami, FLOcean's Ten03/27/15Map
Miami, FLSegafredo03/26/15Map
Miami, FLJazid03/26/15Map
San Diego, CABar Dynamite03/20/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge03/12/15Map
San Diego, CASpin02/15/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge02/12/15Map
San Diego, CAThe Make Good02/07/15Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge01/08/15Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.12/28/14Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl12/20/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.12/07/14Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar12/05/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge11/13/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.11/09/14Map
San Diego, CABamboo Lounge11/08/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge10/30/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.10/26/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.10/19/14Map
Playa Del CarmenLa Santanera10/09/14Map
San Diego, CAAmerican Comedy Company10/01/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/28/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/14/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/07/14Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar09/05/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/31/14Map
San Diego, CABamboo Lounge08/30/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/24/14Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar08/15/14Map
San Francisco, CAEnd Up08/10/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/10/14Map
San Diego, CABamboo Lounge08/09/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/27/14Map
San Diego, CABamboo Lounge07/26/14Map
TermoliMistral Beach Club07/20/14Map
TermoliCala Sveva07/19/14Map
TermoliMistral Beach Club07/18/14Map
Boston, MAMachine07/13/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/06/14Map
Los Angeles, CAGrand Park07/04/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge07/03/14Map
San Diego, CAAmerican Comedy Company07/02/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.06/29/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge06/26/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.06/22/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge06/19/14Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl06/14/14Map
Philadelphia, PAVoyeur06/12/14Map
New York City, NYLe Poisson Rouge06/08/14Map
Waterford, CTEolia Mansion06/07/14Map
EnsenadaEuro Bar05/31/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.05/25/14Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar05/24/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge05/22/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.05/18/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.05/11/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge05/08/14Map
Mexico CityTara Roma05/03/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge05/01/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.04/20/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge04/17/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge04/10/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge04/03/14Map
Miami, FLClevelander Hotel03/30/14Map
Miami, FLMaxines03/29/14Map
Miami, FLMarlin Hotel03/28/14Map
Miami, FLSegafredo03/28/14Map
Miami, FLOcean's Ten03/27/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.03/23/14Map
San Diego, CASouth Park03/22/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge03/20/14Map
San Diego, CAAmerican Comedy Company03/19/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge03/13/14Map
Phoenix, AZBar Smith03/08/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge02/27/14Map
San Diego, CABar Dynamite02/26/14Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.02/16/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge02/13/14Map
San Diego, CAAir Conditioned Lounge02/06/14Map
Los Angeles, CASound Nightclub01/12/14Map
San Diego, CAUnderground Location12/31/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/28/13Map
Philadelphia, PAVango12/15/13Map
Brooklyn, NYTBA Brooklyn Club12/14/13Map
New York City, NYRebuild Warehouse12/12/13Map
New York City, NYKatra12/11/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/07/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/30/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/23/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/16/13Map
San Francisco, CAEnd Up11/10/13Map
Campbell, CACardiff Lounge11/07/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.11/03/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/26/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.10/20/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/19/13Map
Playa Del CarmenLIV10/11/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/05/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/29/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/28/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/22/13Map
San Diego, CAAmerican Comedy Company09/18/13Map
San Diego, CAEmbarcadero09/14/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/08/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/01/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/31/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/25/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/24/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/18/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/17/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/16/13Map
Chicago, ILGreen Dolphin St.08/11/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/10/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/09/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/04/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/02/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/28/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/27/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/26/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/21/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/20/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/19/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/07/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/06/13Map
Marina Del Rey, CAFantasea One Yacht06/30/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas06/29/13Map
New York City, NYSullivan Room06/23/13Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl06/22/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.06/16/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas06/15/13Map
San Diego, CABar Dynamite06/12/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.06/09/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas06/08/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.06/02/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas06/01/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.05/26/13Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar05/25/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/25/13Map
Hollywood, CAKing King05/18/13Map
EnsenadaEuro Bar05/11/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/04/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/27/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/20/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/13/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/06/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/30/13Map
Campbell, CACardiff Lounge03/23/13Map
San Francisco, CAUnderground Location03/22/13Map
Miami, FLSegafredo03/21/13Map
Miami, FLClevelander Hotel03/20/13Map
Miami, FLRokbar03/20/13Map
Miami, FLOcean's Ten03/19/13Map
Miami, FLJazid03/18/13Map
Miami, FLHaven Lounge03/17/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/09/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/02/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/23/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/22/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.02/17/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/16/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/09/13Map
San Diego, CAGinger's01/29/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/26/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/19/13Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.01/13/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/12/13Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/05/13Map
San Diego, CAQueen Bee12/31/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/29/12Map
MontrealW Montreal12/26/12Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl12/23/12Map
New York City, NYBar 1312/21/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/15/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/07/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/01/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/24/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/17/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/10/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/03/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/27/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.10/21/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/20/12Map
Del Mar, CAPrivate Estate10/13/12Map
Playa Del CarmenVarious10/06/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/29/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/23/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/22/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/16/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/15/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/08/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.09/02/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/26/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/25/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/19/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/18/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/12/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/11/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.08/05/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/04/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/29/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/28/12Map
San Diego, CABourbon St.07/22/12Map
San Diego, CAEmbarcadero07/21/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/21/12Map
VarnaCubo Bar07/13/12Map
BarcelonaMarula Cafe07/11/12Map
LondonTart Bar06/29/12Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl06/23/12Map
MontrealTerrasses Bonsecours06/22/12Map
New York City, NYBar 1306/15/12Map
San Francisco, CAEnd Up06/10/12Map
San Francisco, CASofa Lounge06/09/12Map
Campbell, CACardiff Lounge06/08/12Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge06/03/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas06/02/12Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge05/27/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/26/12Map
Hollywood, CALos Globos05/20/12Map
Raleigh, NCBabylon05/18/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/05/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/28/12Map
Hollywood, CAKing King04/21/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/14/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/07/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/31/12Map
Miami, FLHaven Lounge03/25/12Map
Miami, FLChelsea03/23/12Map
Miami, FLAdidas Originals Store03/23/12Map
Miami, FLOcean's Ten03/23/12Map
Miami, FLSegafredo03/22/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/17/12Map
San Francisco, CASofa Lounge03/10/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/03/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/25/12Map
Los Angeles, CALISTEN Loft02/24/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/18/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/11/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas02/04/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/28/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/14/12Map
Honolulu, HILotus SoundBar01/06/12Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/31/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/17/11Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl12/11/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/03/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/26/11Map
San Diego, CAOnyx Room11/23/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/19/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/12/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas11/05/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/29/11Map
Portland, ORGroove Suite10/23/11Map
San Francisco, CASOM10/21/11Map
Campbell, CACardiff Lounge10/20/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/15/11Map
Las Vegas, NVLady Silvia10/14/11Map
Playa Del CarmenCannibal Royale10/09/11Map
Playa Del CarmenVarious10/06/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/01/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge10/01/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/24/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge09/18/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/17/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge09/11/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/10/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge09/04/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/03/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/27/11Map
Los Angeles, CALeonardos08/26/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge08/21/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/20/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge08/14/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/13/11Map
Chicago, ILUnderground Location08/06/11Map
Chicago, ILMartini Ranch08/05/11Map
Omaha, NEHouse of Loom08/04/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge07/31/11Map
San Diego, CAEmbarcadero07/30/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/30/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge07/24/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/23/11Map
Philadelphia, PAOcto07/17/11Map
New Brunswick, New JerseyPerle07/16/11Map
New York City, NYBar 1307/15/11Map
IbizaSavannah Club07/09/11Map
ParisPéniche boer 207/03/11Map
LondonTart Bar07/01/11Map
MontrealTerrasses Bonsecours06/26/11Map
San Diego, CALei Lounge06/19/11Map
Hollywood, CAVanguard04/30/11Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/23/11Map
San Francisco, CAEnd Up04/10/11Map
TulumTulum Therapy Music Festival03/13/11Map
Miami, FLSouth Seas Hotel03/11/11Map
Miami, FLSegafredo03/10/11Map
Miami, FLClub Mekka03/09/11Map
Los Angeles, CABrickhouse02/24/11Map
New York City, NYCielo01/08/11Map
Montreal, QuebecPeopl12/12/10Map
New Brunswick, New JerseyPerle12/11/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas12/04/10Map
Phoenix, AZSidebar10/17/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas10/16/10Map
San DiegoKava Lounge10/15/10Map
Playa Del CarmenVarious10/08/10Map
Honolulu, HILotus SoundBar09/24/10Map
San Diego, CASpin09/10/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas09/04/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/21/10Map
San Diego, CABar Dynamite08/11/10Map
Las Vegas, NVArtisan Hotel08/08/10Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar08/07/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas08/07/10Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar08/06/10Map
Omaha, NEEspana Tapas Bar08/05/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/31/10Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar07/30/10Map
Chicago, ILGreen Dolphin St.07/26/10Map
Linden, NJLuna Lounge07/22/10Map
Paris, FranceDC Club07/18/10Map
LondonHalo Events07/16/10Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar07/09/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas07/03/10Map
Los Angeles, CALeonardos07/02/10Map
Miami, FLClevelander Hotel06/25/10Map
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFortune Sound Club06/19/10Map
Portland, ORGroove Suite06/17/10Map
San Francisco, CAEnd Up06/13/10Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar06/12/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas06/05/10Map
San Diego, CAHotel Palomar06/04/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/29/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/22/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/15/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/08/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas05/01/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/24/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/17/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/10/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas04/03/10Map
Phoenix, AZSkyline at the Sheraton04/02/10Map
Phoenix, AZBomberos04/01/10Map
Miami, FLClevelander Hotel03/28/10Map
Miami, FLKill Your Idol03/27/10Map
Miami, FLSegafredo03/25/10Map
Miami, FLClinton South Beach03/23/10Map
Miami, FLSouth Seas Hotel03/23/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas03/20/10Map
San Diego, CABar Dynamite03/17/10Map
San Francisco, CASOM03/03/10Map
Los Angeles, CALeonardos02/26/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/30/10Map
San Diego, CACandelas01/23/10Map
Honolulu, HILotus SoundBar01/15/10Map
San Francisco, CASloane01/08/10Map
BordeauxLe Deck09/18/09Map
San Francisco, CAEnd Up09/13/09Map
New York City, NYRiv 10507/11/09Map
Chicago, ILGreen Dolphin St.06/29/09Map
Hollywood, CAVanguard06/14/09Map
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Posted: January 9th, 2010
at 5:35pm by admin



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  1. Hey Ala:

    I’m gonna be in town on Oct. 9th was hoping to hear you live, your SS Radio mixes are off the hook. I think you will be in Mexico that weekend, can you suggest a good Soulful House DJ playin on Oct. 9th in San Diego? Thx, Tom


    1 Oct 10 at 8:53 am


  2. I’m sorry I missed you Tom! Hopefully you will come back when I am in town 😉



    13 Oct 10 at 1:11 am


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