DJ ALA (DIVE, Souleil, San Diego)

Mastermind behind one of San Diego’s longest running deep house nights, DIVE, DJ ALA has been a driving force in the west coast house music community. Through the evolution of DIVE, ALA has been instrumental in bringing world-renowned talent to San Diego, which gave him the opportunity to play alongside such House luminaries as Roy Davis Jr., Jask, Louie Vega, Marques Wyatt, jojoflores, Alix Alvarez, Halo, Mark Grant, Lisa Shaw, Tortured Soul, Miguel Migs, and more.

With early success of his compilation series Mar Del Sol and G Lounge and now as host of the popular show, Dive Radio, ALA has built a solid tour resume. From San Francisco to Paris, ALA has headlined many notable hotspots like DEEP (Los Angeles), Djoon (Paris), Peopl (Montreal), Funkbox (NYC), Tara Roma (Mexico City), Boom Boom Room (Chicago), End Up (San Francisco), Oceans Ten (Miami), and Savannah Club (Ibiza) to name a few of the growing list of gigs around the world. His illustrious DJ career, which spans more than two decades, also includes performances at world-renowned events and venues in such cities as Manila, Bordeaux, Royan, Montreal, London, Paris,  Hong Kong, Barcelona, Ibiza, Boracay, Bangkok, Varna Bulgaria, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and more. And at home, ALA is still getting deep on a regular basis with residencies at DIVE and the Sunday ritual, Souleil, which is a joint venture he co-created that has grown into one of the most respected daytime House music parties on the planet.


“DJ ALA thanks for rockin it!” – jojoflores (gotsoul, Montreal)

“When ALA went on I had to put my phone on “vibrate” because the ringer seemed to sound off at 10 second intervals. On the inside, my smile was fully engaged…Not surprised, I knew ALA was destroying the place.” – Marques Wyatt (DEEP, LA)

“Very much enjoyed your set! You seem to capture the vibe of Dance Culture. It was our best night so far!” – Greg Gauthier (Dance Culture, Paris)

“DJ ALA, thanks fam, loved your set.” – Casamena (Yoruba Dance Sessions, San Francisco)

“Our guest from San Diego, DJ ALA did such a great job in working the dancefloor and closing out the night. The mix of tracks was great and the change in tempo came at the right times.” –  Brent Crampton (loom. Omaha)

“Great set last night! Always an honor to have you back at the Boom ma man! Much love and respect to you brotha 😉 – Christopher Banks (Boom Boom Room, Chicago)

“nice having you brotha at HOME..great set…see you soon.” – Esteban (Luna Lounge, New Jersey)

“Well done Ala, u did ya THANG in LA. That was one of the best nights ever. Thanks again” –  Abdul (Thang, LA)

“At the End Up in San Francisco…DJ ALA is killing it!!!” – Jask (Thaisoul, Tampa)

“…had a fantastic night with an amazing set from DJ ALA – pure class – he absolutely smashed it!” – Tart Bar (London)

“Thank you DJ ALA! You are welcomed here anytime.” – Tara Roma (Mexico City)

“Epic night with DJ ALA!” – Drop (Hong Kong)

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